New feature: “The Gaits of Hell - Heaven’s Gaits”.


Something new here on The Gait Guys blog…….we are introducing our case of the month in the new feature for The Gait Guys………the feature is called “The Gaits of Hell - Heaven’s Gaits”.  A bit of a play on words, but the goal of the monthly or bimonthly feature will be to put up either a disasterous gait (such as this one) or a gorgeous gait.  We will provide detailed commentary on the cases, to let you inside our heads. 

Have a look at the video today……study it.  Dissect it.  Replay it over and over until you have it figured out. In some respects, you should have a list of lets say……. 3 diagnostic differentials on your list of possibilities.  If after several viewings you cannot figure out the limp, put it aside……..and do what we do……. mimic the gait pattern and figure out what they are doing by what you are feeling.  We just gave away one of our biggest secrets with this little tidbit.  Give it a try.  We will have the answers Tuesday. 

We were going to give the summary here today…….but then we figured you might not struggle with it enough to learn what you need to from this case.  The learning principles here are huge……. so spend some time with it……get out a piece of paper and a pencil and put it all down…….. ie. which side is the limp on, which planes of motion are being violated, what are the compensations.

We actually know the precise diagnosis in this mid 20 year old doctor, he was a patient of Dr. Allen’s back in his residency days almost 16 years ago.  Yes, if you look closely that young lad with the tie and all the hair is actually me…… man what i would do for a head of hair like that once again ! 

Enjoy, …… struggle with this one……it is a good one. 

(film quality, sorry kids….. this was on VHS to start with ! Then it was converted to AVI…..and then to quicktime.  So, yes……. its a bit grainy and not HiDef……. but this case is worth every second of its painful low quality !)

Dr. Allen