Podcast #28: Nanotech, Athletes & Barefoot ?

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Today’s show notes:

1. Neuroscience Pieces:

Technology is advancing so quickly that it won’t be long before the era of performance-enhancing drugs seems like the athletic Stone Age. Injecting or ingesting chemicals will be considered primitive when athletes will have the ability to have robotic cells powered by software coursing through their veins.

Russian Billionaire Wants to Create Cyborgs for Real


Barefoot Running Can Cause Injuries, Too



3. Running with sesamoiditis: How I resolved a 10 year injury by ditching my traditional running shoes. | Dr. Nick’s Running Blog

4. Case
I have a question about peroneus longus in relation to “morton’s toe”. I did a very deep deep massage for an extended length of time and found that when I put my foot on the floor afterwards, the first metatarsal head was no longer raised!! Can you advise what may cause the peroneus longus to become tight, and if there any good stretches for it?
Thank you,Tracy

5. Do orthopedic shoes really help?

Well, they do seem to assist in foot placement and can enhance proprioception, so in the right circumstances, they can be an excellent adjunct to exercise and rehabilitation.

“Footwear adaptation led to pain relief and to improved foot & ankle proprioception. It is likely that that enhancement allows patients to better control foot placement. As a result, higher dynamic stability has been observed. LDS seems therefore a valuable index that could be used in early evaluation of footwear outcome in clinical settings.”

6. Shoes and Performance. Does it surprise you that it affects adolescents too? It shouldn’t: