Podcast 73: Cross Fit and Squatting. Knees out ?

Podcast 73: Femoral and Tibial Torsions and Squatting: Know your Squatting Truths and Myths

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Today’s Show notes:

1. Bioengineers create functional 3D brain-like tissue   http://www.nih.gov/news/health/aug2014/nibib-11.htm

2.  A Novel Shear Reduction Insole Effect on the Thermal Response to Walking Stress, Balance, and Gait
3.  Hi Shawn and Ivo, There is a lively debate in the Crossfit community about “knees out” during squatting. I have attached a blog post. It might be a good blog post or podcast segment. 
4. Shoe Finder ?
5.  Michael wrote: “I know this is too broad a topic for facebook, but I was wondering what your general recommendation would be for someone with flat feet and exaggerated, constant over-pronation. I’ve tried strengthening my calves and ankles, but have seen no noticeable reduction in the automatic "rolling in” of my feet whenever walking or standing. I can consciously correct the over-pronation, of course, but as soon as I stop tensing my arch muscle, everything flops back down.“