Podcast 53: Debunking Treadmills & Recovery Strategies

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By this time next year, you could be 3D printing custom comfortable inserts for your shoes

LeBron James, Kevin Durant Help Spearhead NBA Popularity of Legs Recovery System

Mechanism of orthotic therapy for the painful cavus foot deformity

The influence of incline walking on joint mechanics

Ice baths:

8:38am Jan 21

Hi guys,

I’m hoping you can help.

I have a severely arthritic 2 MTPJ on my left foot.

It seems to trigger extreme hip flexor tightness which has twisted my whole body, right up to my neck and jaw.

I can’t seem to get any definitive answers as to how to turn off this protective hip flexor tightness. I’m concerned if it goes on much longer I’m going to develop bone spurs throughout my body. This would destroy my life.

Is there any surgery you recommend?

Or any type of Rocker soled shoe? I’ve tried MBT’s but I think the forefoot is stiff enough and my Hipflexor hasn’t calmed down properly.

Thank you so much if you decide to answer this

Blog reader: moham17
How does subtalar supination/pronation affect plane deviations farther up the chain, specifically at the pelvis? I was going over some notes and found something saying that increased pronation leads to increased frontal plane motion at the pelvis during gait, and increased sup leads to increased transverse plane motion. However, in this video I was watching, the clinician states that increased sup will lead to increased frontal plane motion. Is this not a contradiction? Can both be true? Thanks
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