An often overlooked culprit in hip pain...

We often find clinically that the quadratus femoris as becoming the 1st dysfunctional muscle of the deep 6 external rotators (1) and its pain referral pattern can mimic the piriformis (2) and piriformis syndrome (3) as well as hamstring insertional tendinitis.  It has also been implicated in some cases of femoroacetabular impingement (4)  as well as ishiofemoral impingement (5). It is active during walking stance phase, and moreso during stance while running as well as with a clamshell exercise with external rotation (6). It appears to be maximally lengthened with flexion and adduction or abduction, with internal rotation ( a great position of you need to stretch this muscle), and is deducted to be strongest going from a 60-90 degree flexed position into extension (ie: it has the with the largest moment arms observed for extension in the deduced force-length efficient range of 60-90° flexion)(7).

Needling this muscle can sometimes pose a challenge. Here is a demo of one way to accomplish it I often employ while needling some of the other surrounding hip musculature.

Consider the QF the next time you have someone with hamstring insertional pain, or diffuse hip pain that you are having a difficult time localizing.

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