The Gait Guys Podcast #6 : S1E6

The Gait Guys Podcast #6 : S1E6

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Show Notes: The Gait Guys Podcast, Season 1, Episode 6

1-  Cannabinoids and the Runners High

Endurance athletes sometimes say they’re “addicted” to exercise. In fact, scientists have shown that rhythmic, continuous exercise — aerobic exercise — can in fact produce narcoticlike chemicals in the body.

2-  more lectures available  on   Go there and look up our lectures. New www.PAYLOADZ.COM lectures.
3- A lot of people cycle either as a less stress option to running or in conjunction with it (tri-athletes). No biomechanics-minded gait gurus are analyzing cycling posture, gait and cadence and putting it out there for us all to learn from. What can you teach us gait gurus?
Ben, A lifelong student

4-   Cuboid Syndrome
Hi Gait Guys,I’m doing research on cuboid syndrome and wanted to know your thoughts on addressing the strength of the arch and how it might influence recovery.  Also, what impact would retraining/changing  the reflexive action of the of the peroneus longus may have on reducing the reoccurrence  of cuboid syndrome.  Any thoughts or feedback would be very helpful.
Thank you,Chase in Mooresville, NC

5- Part 2 on the LISA foot case , the suspect neuroma, seroma, tarsal tunnel case. We discussed her initial case in podcast 5
 DVDs , website, email,

6- Shoe talk / product talk

 Hi - I have been watching your videos for 2 years and find them very informative.  Here’s my problem:
I have had foot/ankle pain for more than 3 years.  The pain is traveling up/down my kinetic chain on the left side.  I’ve been diagnosed with:

        Achilles Tendinopathy
        Ankle instability
        Possible Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome
        Gluteal Medial Tendinopathy

I’ve seen 11 foot/ankle specialists (the BEST in Philadelphia).  I’ve seen orthopedic doctors for my glute problem.   I’ve seen 2 physiatrists to determine if this is a problem with my back.  I’ve had 4 surgical procedures on my ankle.  Had a tenotomy on my glute med tendon.  Gone thru 5 rounds of physical therapy for my foot/ankle.  4 months of therapy for my glute med tendinopathy.  I have 5 pairs of custom orthotics; 1 UCBL; 1 Arizona AFO.  Countless OTC devices.

hope you will join us for  Lorraine’s case.

8- Discussion on who controls individual cell control/coordination (and email from Jesse in Luxembourg). We dicuss several things including the effects of neuropepties.