I have knee pain when I run."How we do one thing is how we do all things."

I am not sure who made this statement first, otherwise we would share attributes to it, but it is a good quote. If you saw the back of my truck, you would know what my closet looks like at home. Organization is not a top shelf priority of mine. I can neve remember where i put anything.

IF this is how someone does a double support jump on the up and down loading phases, what do you think is likely to happen in single leg hops ? how about forward hops with movement? Forget about it. Oh wait, that is what running is, forward hops.

Simple principle today, sometimes the best place to start with someone's suspected problematic loading strategies, is to peel it back to the simplest root strategies of the more complex faulty strategy.
All to often we just "run", but we have no idea how to load and unload effectively. If some one cannot double support jump with controllable skill, how then will they single leg hop in place with controlled skill, let alone hop forward progressively with controlled skill, and then do so alternating leg to leg, (running) with controlled skill ?

Sometimes the solution is not an orthotic, or a more stable shoe, or some magical elixer corrective homework seen on a guru's youtube feed.
Sometimes, we just need to start from the beginning. Sometimes it is that simple, start from the start, and build up from there. Sometimes there is no magic, it is just simple progressive loading, which to some will seem too crude and wasteful, and to others who truly "get it", magical.

Sometimes, "how we do one thing, is how we do all things".

Shawn Allen, the other gait guy