Whoa! What's wrong with #172?

 Where do we start? Look at all of that tibial and genu varum! Notice how his knee is outside the sagittal plane? This means that he also has internal tibial torsionand he is rotating his foot out to create the requisite 4-6° internal rotation needed to move forward. It also looks like he has limited internal rotation of the thighby the positioning of his body.  This could be due to femoral retroversion as this commonly occurs with internal tibial torsion. Check out the interesting hand posturing bilaterally. Notice the extended thumb and wrist on the left? He may be trying to fire into his extensor pool to help gain more hip extension.  I sure wish we had a Sideview. Thankfully his pelvis is relatively level, isn't it? No, it actually isn't. That's just his shirt. Look closely at the tops of the iliac crests and you will see what I am talking about. Did you catch the slight head tiltto the right? With that much tibial and genu varum his center of gravity is moving to the left and he needs to tilt his head to the right to equalize things out.  What about the posterior rotation of the left shoulder? Again probably this is due to a lack of or failure to use internal rotation of the left hip.

Lots to talk about on this picture and we will do some more next time.