Forefoot Valgus: What you need to know

Hi Shawn and Ivo,

With Forefoot valgus problems do you find it useful to mobilise the calcaneus? Also any other forms of manual therapy worth addressing before doing the arch strengthening exercises as decribed on youtube?

Also whens your professional presentation on shoes available and also any other ones beside the ones available on wannabefast. I bought all the ones available on wannabefast.

Thanks for your time,

Dear D

Appropriate physiological ROM’s are ALWAYS important prior to ANY rehabilitative procedure. So, if you are referring to any of the articulations with the calcaneus (talo-calcaneal (any or all of the 3) and calcaneio-cuboid), yes. The calcanueus needs to evert 4-6 degrees beginning at initial contact through midstance and pathomechanics here would limit subtalar pronation and reduce the shock absorbtion that these joints provide. This could result in a functional forefoot varus. Likewise, if there were no inversion, you would not be able to supinate and the foot would remain in an “unlocked”” position, being a poor lever arm.

It would be prudent to assure all ROM’s are within physiological ranges (or subluxation free) before proceeding with exercises.

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