HIIT (high intensity exercise) and Parkinson's disease.

High intensity exercise may help to curb Parkinson's disease. Helping the gait riddle in this neurodegenerative disease.

Parkinsonian gait is a debilitating and challenging gait for anyone. Often catching this neurodegenerative disease early on bodes well for a client's outcome and quality of life in many respects. 60 thousand will be diagnosed with Parkinson's this year, and currently about 1 million live with the disease making this a very common disease. Parkinson's is a disorder of movement, of balance, talking, motor control, walking to name a few, so this is a very debilitating disease to most who experience it, either as a patient or as a care giver.

"A team of researchers at Northwestern Medicine and the University of Colorado School of Medicine wanted to find out whether high- or moderate-intensity exercise was safe for patients with Parkinson’s disease. Would it help with the disease’s symptoms, the progressive loss of muscle control, tremors, stiffness?"
"Five years later, those scientists have an answer: Yes. Increasing disease severity in early-stage Parkinson’s disease patients can be slowed with a few days of exercise weekly. The results of their trial, published Monday in JAMA Neurology, found vigorous exercise is a safe way to potentially delay the progression of Parkinson’s disease."

Here is the big question that the researchers proposed after the results of this study , "Is there any disease or any disorder for which exercise is not good?"