The Serratus and Gait..

Think about the role of the serratus anterior in gait. Now think about it in martial arts. There are profound neuromuscular and fascial connections and implications here. Just like the thoracolumbar fascia which also attaches to the ribs, these muscles seem to be necessary for core stability.

“Conclusions: Simultaneous recruitment of the lower extremity and trunk muscles increases the activation of the SA
muscle during the FPP exercise.
Clinical Relevance: Rehabilitation clinicians should have understanding of the kinetic chain relationships between
the LE, the trunk, and the upper extremity while prescribing exercises. The results of this study may improve clinicians’
ability to integrate the kinetic chain model in a shoulder rehabilitation program. ”

The authors also suggest a hierarchy of exercise to follow. An interesting read for a Sunday.

great full .pdf here: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/…/PMC42751…/pdf/ijspt-12-924.pdf