Podcast #26: Google shoes, shoe tech & indoor track biomechanics

Pod #26: The new Google Shoes, hamstring injuries in short track running and shoe tech.

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Today’s show notes:

Two neuroscience pieces today which parlay nicely into last weeks podcast on kurzweils singujlarity

1- Google Shoes



This weekend, at the annual South by Southwest conference in Austin, Texas, Google unveiled an early prototype of motion-sensing “smart shoes,” with an embedded speaker on the tongue of the shoe that can yell motivation at you when you’re being lazy, or encourage you when you’re being active. Google –which created the talking shoes in collaboration with Adidas,

2- The First Wireless, Implantable Brain-Computer Interface


3- Problems with small track counterclockwise running

J Mot Behav. 2012;44(1):63-8. doi: 10.1080/00222895.2011.645912. Epub 2012 Jan 13. Asymmetrical neural adaptation in lower leg muscles as a consequence of stereotypical motor training. Ogawa T, Kawashima N, Suzuki S, Nakazawa K.

Clin J Sport Med. 2000 Oct;10(4):245-50. Asymmetrical strength changes and injuries in athletes training on a small radius curve indoor track. Beukeboom C, Birmingham TB, Forwell L, Ohrling D.
4- Puma mobium shoe

5- from a Facebook readerI just saw you’re video on hammer toe stretching on tumblr. Great article with it too.
I’ve noticed that on my left foot, my 5th toe doesn’t touch the ground at all when my foot is flat on the ground. It appears not to be doing any work and the pain under the head of my 5th met is getting worse each week now.

6- another facebook question

  • I’ve been doing your shuffle steps and moonwalk to increase my very inflexible ankles. Is there anything else I can do? I read the study and your blog post how stretching doesn’t work. My teammates have literally over twice the dorsiflexion I have and it really shows in my skating. If these two excersises are all that can be done what are the reps/sets/times per week recommendations?

7- Cushioned Heel Running Shoes May Alter Adolescent Biomechanics, Performance

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