The Confusion of Shoe Science (Part 4 of 5): Narrowing the Gap Between Science, Manufacturer, Retail and Consumer

This is an important series of lectures / debate.  This event occurred on December 6th, 2011 at The Running Event which we also lectured at.  The result of this series of talks, which we will post 2-5 sequentially daily here on our blog, was an underground heated dialogue between some of the speakers. 

* Here is the problem. Shoes are not designed around the extreme foot types at either end of the Bell Curve.  They are designed for the foot in a normative range. Simon says here that we can manipulate the shoe to determine of the foot can pronate or supinate.  That is what shoes have been doing all along ! This is what the dual density is used for. This is what the crash zone is used for, etc etc.  This was a pretty commercialized closing by Simon, he spent alot of time talking about Asics. There was little “narrowing of the gap” for us.

Watch these videos and learn, and make your own conclusions.  But, if you are a runner or shoe store owner or staff, you need to watch these and open your mind and consider that what you are being told by your shoe vendors might not always be the truth.  Educate yourself, ask the hard questions of your shoe vendors and companies and make your own conclusions. 

Shawn and Ivo  ……. bringing this stuff to you so you do not have to find it on your own.