How to properly regain ankle rocker: A Prince of an Exercise

If you have been with us here at The Gait Guys you will know by now that we like to take Fridays and make them a blog post recycle.  This week we have a beauty and it parlays beautifully into our blog posts from the last 2 days on ankle rocker. We did this video about 3 years ago. We can tell because Dr. Allen hasn’t yet shaved his dome and he looks much younger.  Plus he stopped wearing sweater vests !  Ouch !

Today we show a staple in our in-office and home exercise programs. The Shuffle Walk and the Moon Walk.  We have altered these exercises in the last year or so, thus we really need to get that Foot Exercise DVD done that we have been promising for 2 years+.  

Anyhow, STOP passively stretching your calf muscles !!!!!!

Do the Shuffle walk instead.  We have a rule in our offices. If you are going to participate in a running sport, you must do 2 minutes of Shuffle Walks EVERY SINGLE DAY.  

The size of the anterior compartment muscles is much smaller than the bulbous large posterior compartment so the tug of war is always in the favor of the calf to become too dominant.  Drive some SES (Skill, Endurance and Strength) into the anterior compartment and you will see a stronger arch, control pronation better and very likely see shin splints disappear once and for all. 

Watch the video today and learn why some of our teams can be seen Shuffling around the outdoor track. It is pretty amazing to drive by a school and see an entire team shuffling and know that they are doing it because of The Gait Guys. It is comforting that we do not have to see many shin splint cases in our offices anymore because the teams are being proactive. Shin splints are SOOOOO boring and easy to fix.  

Enjoy gang, From the archives……..

Shawn and Ivo