Podcast 42: Rhabdo, Bionics and Turf Toe

Rhabdomyolysis, Bionics, Turf Toe, Low vs High threshold and a whole lot more in today’s show !

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* Today’s show notes:

Neuroscience pieces:
1.  a tiny chip in the new iPhone called the M7 “motion coprocessor.” is designed to track your movement and automatically figure out  … . 
2. Bionic Leg
3. Dying young.
By altering water temperature and day length to influence the growth rates of fish, researchers have provided the first empirical evidence that if you grow fast, you die young. 
4. Low vs high threshold strategies
5. Rhabdomyolysis 
6. In the media:
Why runners don’t get knee arthritis
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10. Blog reader
 I’m a soccer player and suffered a “turf toe” type injury 2 years ago … 

11. Hi guys. Thanks for the great material. Are there any good exercises for helping correct fully compensated forefoot varus (I have it in both my feet). Orthotics have not helped at all in the past, and I have feeling that this is something I acquired. I am almost certain that this is the root cause of the horrible hip-back-neck pain I have experienced for the last 8 years. Thanks!