Ankle stiffness, foot collapse, achilles tendonitis and its blood flow.

Yesterday, we posted on some important concepts on ankle stiffness and arch collapse, discussing some correlations and conflicts.  We believe this is an important concept to never ignore. 

Today we find this article on achilles tendonopathy, blood flow to the tendon and pronation. These concepts are deeply intermingled with yesterday's writings

These authors investigated whether there was an underlying association between foot pronation and blood flow.  The took twenty-five experienced runners, aged 34.5±10.2 years, and put them through barefoot and shod running evaluating their frontal and sagittal planemechanics. Blood flow of the Achilles tendon was measured before and after barefoot and shod running, using an oxygen-to-see device. The results of their study showed a "significant effect of eversion excursion on the increase in Achilles tendon blood flow after shod running. More specifically, the more the eversion excursion observed, the lower the increase in blood flow (P=.013)." 

This article is very germane to what we wrote about yesterday, which can be reviewed from the links above.

Is Achilles tendon blood flow related to foot pronation?
 E. Wezenbeek,T. M. Willems,N. Mahieu,I. Van Caekenberghe,E. Witvrouw,D. De Clercq