More on Bunions: proof we know what we are talking about

[Sequential lateral soft-tissue release of the big toe: an anatomic trial].

Z Orthop Unfall. 2007 May-Jun;145(3):322-6. Roth KE, Waldecker U, Meurer A.Source: Abteilung für Orthopädie, Universitätsklinik Mainz.


Summary:  Dr. Ivo in his brief video today discussed the altering of the origin/insertion effects on the adductor hallucis and the big toe.  When the first metatarsal is not anchored on the ground the lateral toes cannot be pulled towards the medial foot, instead the lateral foot acts as the anchor and the big toe/hallux is pulled laterally towards the anchor rendering the all famous bunion/hallux valgus.

This surgical study pretty much proves this principle.

This study showed that when the soft tissues (capsule, tendon and ligament) are surgically released, the contractile affects on the joint angle of the bunion/hallux valgus are released and the hallux valgus angle was predominantly and significantly improved.  A significant correction of the intermetatarsal angle did not take place however.

Kind of a radical procedure ultimately destabilizing the joint and medial foot structure…….but hey……whatever floats your surgical boat.  To each his own.  We suppose that on a case by case basis all options need to be considered.

……we’re still the gait guys…….. with no scalpels, but with big oars