Can running/loading form changes last and translate from treadmill into the outdoor world ?

Research is here to inform us, give us concepts to guide protocols, clinical decision making, to make better choices for the patient right in front of us with their own unique set of variables (environment, choices, age, skills, strength, endurance, sport, history of injuries etc).

This is a study that makes us raise our eyebrows.
We sense that, as any reasonable clinician would, that a 8-session training protocol is not enough. You cannot win over old ingrained loading patterns that are well rooted in a mere 8 sessions.
The message we chose to take is that if changes were possible, if adaptations are possible, then time is the variable and patience must prevail. It can take months to make a new pattern unconsciously competent. It takes time.

The authors of this study said , "SIGNIFICANCE: Our findings indicated that a newly learned gait pattern may not fully translate to running outside of the laboratory environment."
We say, "it may not fully translate in 8 training sessions. Keep at it."

Can runners maintain a newly learned gait pattern outside a laboratory environment following gait retraining?Janet H Zhang, Zoe Y S Chan, Ivan P H Au, Winko W An, Roy T H Cheung