Podcast: "Run to the Top" with Guests Ivo and Shawn, The Gait Guys

Show link:  https://runnersconnect.net/running-interviews/gait-guys/

We recently shared the mic for an hour with Tina Muir over at RunnersConnect.net.
It was a great open conversation and I think our gang here and elsewhere will really find some hearty information here. Some of the topics you have heard before if you have been with us at The Gait Guys Podcast previously, however, we take some unanticipated paths that lead us to some deeper conversations and some insights you may have not heard from us before.  The ability to facilitate this in a first time discussion with two strangers is the gift of a great interviewer, and Tina shined brightly in teasing these things from us.  We hope you will put your favorite ear cans on and go for a run or walk and give this lively discussion an hour of your time, we do not think you will be disappointed.  Tina laid out a beautiful show, and has gorgeous show notes and time stamp break downs for your OCD folks !  Bravo.  

Again, here is the link to her site, and the show.

Show link:  https://runnersconnect.net/running-interviews/gait-guys/

Offer her hard work some support and like her on all social media and give her other guest podcast shows a try. 

-Shawn and Ivo (and Tina, this time around !)

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