A fresh calf tear. Video case

As fresh as fresh gets, trauma hours ago. Running in soft sand, felt a pop left medial calf.
So, is it:
1. a full medial head tear ?
2. Partial low grade tear that has just bled into the area that normally would have shown the medial calf definition? ie Bleeding blurring the definition ?
3. Muscular pain inhibition because the calf raise is painful ?
The latter two of the 3 ?
All the above?
Saving grace, there is a palpable medial calf contraction, it is just not authoritative like the other leg, painful to engage.
So, MRI ? If not even considering surgery regardless, does it change our treatment ? Let it heal and deal with the aftermath ?
Wait and see ? If in a few days-week the swelling and pain inhibition reduce and the strength comes back, regardless of definition restoration, is that a bullet dodged ?
What would you do ?

* injury is on the left, i am pointing to the normal defniition on the right. Note the absense on the left.