More on Plantar Pressures

Yes, an hour dialogue just on a picture of two feet, one person, and two feet of different length and size, like most of us. Yes, most of us.
Yes, it is a static picture, but we went down the rabbit hole and played with all of the topics below to dissect possibly why this person had 2 different length feet and vastly different plantar pressures statically.

Screen Shot 2018-01-27 at 8.06.37 AM.png

Last night we pressed some clinical minds hard, and fast. It was a rapid hour playing mental gymnastics for an hour basically off of one slide, this slide. A "normal" everyday person standing on a glass plate. How did we talk for an hour on basically one slide ? Well, in about a week you can look up Biomechanics 322 and watch it yourself on the platform.
We discussed, step length, quadratus plantae, fat pad displacement, achilles problems, flexor longus dominance, toe box spacing, hammer toes, unilateral frontal plane pelvis displacement, plantar pressure shifts, windswept biomechanics, pelvis distortion patterns, tibial and femoral torsions, pronation, supination and many other things. Yes, these things all came up, basically from this one slide.
If you are doing static plantar mappings in your office, you need to watch this presentation, your mappings are not telling you what you think they are. Come join us, we will prove it. Let us help you change the way you practice.