running gait: the contralateral pelvis drop

Great visual here, Nice work @ylmsportscience !
This is from the AJSM 2018 article Bramah et al.

Nothing new here for our Gait brethren, we have been talking about this contralateral pelvis drop for a long time. Our soap box rant on many of our podcasts and teaching courses of, "when the foot is on the ground the glutes are in charge, and when the foot is in the air, the abdominals are in charge" comes to this article as well. Sure, that is a loose quote, filled with caveats and many other components, but it is globally valid and runners get it when it is kept in simplest terms. Just do not forget that this process can be a top down problem, a bottom up problem from poor foot control, or both (which it often is).
None the less, this is a good article to keep in mind, and a great info-graphic by @ylmsportscience. Thank you to both !

"found injured runners to run with greater peak CPD (contralateral pelvic drop) and trunk forward lean as well as an extended knee and dorsiflexed ankle at initial contact. CPD appears to be the variable most strongly associated with common running-related injuries."

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