Walking, strokes, movement.

Mini-strokes affect up to half of the population over forty, but usually go unnoticed until damage builds.
Physical and mental health. Just put on your shoes and get moving. It is often that simple. My parents are both 81. They speed walk 4 miles a day and they are on zero medications. They eat exceptionally clean, zero alcohol, lots of vitamins.
Get your parents, friends, patients walking. It is a start, a big start, and for many, most of all they need.

From the article: “Despite what we know about exercise, for whatever reason, people still have the thought that it can’t work. Maybe they think it’s too easy,” says Liu-Ambrose.
Rather than put on a pair of runners and head outside, they’re willing to pay for online cognitive training, for instance, even though there’s less evidence that it works, she adds.