The Gait Guys: Proper Shoe Selection and Foot Types.

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The course by The Gait Guys, Biomechanics 204:

  • Describe and identify how the parts of a running shoe affect running biomechanics
  • Compare and contrast different shoe constructions to the biomechanical needs of an individual
  • Determine the appropriate last shape for different foot types
  • Discuss the biomechanical consequences of improper vs. proper selection of last types
  • Predict which features in a shoe are necessary to correct faulty gait patterns

Whether  you are looking for continuing education credits, or just looking to learn more about shoes and proper shoe type, etc…….this is a great little lecture.

Click the link above, when you get to the website, choose CONTINUING EDUCATION COURSES, and from the pull down menu select CHIROPRACTIC DOCTOR.  Look under BIOMECHANCS, select course 204.