Can you see what I see?Or...Can they see what you see?

While making a chickpea and Swiss chard succotash recipe out of the September issue of vegetarian times,  to go with the two racks of ribs and roasted beets and parsnips that I was making, I was reading an article out of August 2016 issue of one of my favorite journals "lower extremity review" by the editor Jordana Foster. Called "Out on a Limb: falling in with feedback". The "out on a limb" section is a monthly regular and always holds some compelling clinical ideas.  This particular one was talking about utilizing "visual feedback" with your patience.

It got me thinking about using visual feedback. The article spoke of some preliminary research from Rosalind Franklin University in Chicago utilizing visual feedback to control tibial acceleration.

It got me thinking. You could utilize some slick software and computer interface in your office or, if you were somewhat text savvy, use a simple video camera with a hook up of the screen real-time to a monitor device. This could be easily accomplished and most offices however there's an even easier for my feedback that could be utilized. A mirror. You can find a very large, great mirror at the local thrift store for a few dollars that you can have in front of your treadmill or Area where you were performing "gate rehab" with your patient or client. The simple tool can be extremely effective and low cost. Nothing like improving your bottom line without increasing your costs.

Try it and let us know what you think


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