Ankle Dorsiflexion stretching ?

Are we the only ones that did a “face palm” after reading this study? I mean, “duh”. Or are we missing something ?
Pronation gets more dorsiflexion all on its own so how in the world can this be a translatable study ?
Besides, in the pronation posture, length if achieved was perhaps mostly medial gastrocoleus divisions.
And……was the knee bend or straight? Hint: This matters, both those posterior muscles do not cross the knee, only one does.

Conclusion: After a 3-wk gastrocnemius-stretching program, when measuring dorsiflexion with the STJ positioned in supination, the participants who completed a 3-wk gastrocnemius stretching program with the STJ positioned in pronation showed more increased dorsiflexion at the ankle/rear foot than participants who completed the stretching program with the STJ positioned in supination.

Gastrocnemius Stretching Program: More Effective in Increasing Ankle/Rear-Foot Dorsiflexion When Subtalar Joint Positioned in Pronation Than in Supination
2015, 24, 307 – 314