The Consequences of Overstriding.

Consequences of Over Striding: “Call me Ishmael”.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you were running and impacted the foot at foot strike at the end range ankle rocker (full dorsiflexion) with the knee extended ? Can you even imagine this ?  It is hard isn’t it.  (Be patient, we are about to show you, but for now just try to imagine it.)
Where would the shock absorption go ?
How could  you progress over the limb other than through hip rotation?  Because there certainly would be no pivot over the ankle joint, like a client with a fused ankle joint. The ankle and lower leg would be like a wooden peg leg, “Call me Ishmael ! ”.

And if the forces were moving up from the ground through the locked ankle mortise (which is again,terminal dorsiflexion) and a locked knee (again, in full extension) the forces through the hip would follow from the ground upwards. Creating a vaulting phenomenon. “Call me Ishmael”.
Can you picture this ?
If not, here is the video piece (VIDEO LINK) today very nicely depicting this awful biomechanical event.
You see, if you know your biomechanics, this stuff can virtually be created in your brain……. but it is always nice to see an athlete try it out.  That is why they get the big bucks !  Did you watch the video link yet ? He sure put the ACL and PCL in the octagon on that one !

Shawn and Ivo, the Biomechanics nerds……. as strange as Ishmael in the Octagon.–mlb.html