We are giving up one of our deep secrets today.  We figure you guys are worth it.

There is a reason we have followed Allen Lim from his days of Team Radioshack and even before that with Team Garmin.  His work on temperature regulation in athletes was fascinating and his knowledge in nutrition is pretty solid too. Everything Allen does, we recommend to our athletes.  We keep our high school and college athletes in air conditioned vans and hotel rooms until moments before big meets (while other teams have their athletes sitting in the heat and sun), we recommend super hydration days before long races, super cold water before races to promote gastric dumping and reduced core temperature, and we teach them about the hydration and glycogen time frame windows. Mere fractions of a temperature spike reduce performance.  It is all good science. If you are one of our patients and athlete, you get the talk over and over again. If Allen is doing it, we look at it pretty closely.

Watch this video and find the company name in the interview.

don’t say we don’t give away the farm from time to time !

The Secret double agent Gait geeks ……. always looking for the edge for our peeps.

Shawn and Ivo