Hip internal rotation

Q: why do The Gait Guys test for internal hip rotation loss with the client supine and leg straight ?
A: because this is as close as you can get to representing midstance phase of gait where they are converting from external rotation at rearfoot strike to moving through the pronatory phase where internal limb rotation is paramount. A loss on the table is a key exam finding ! it must be listened to.

* key……the leg is straight at zero degress of leg raise……ie. the leg is flush on the table. if you lift the leg…..you have effectively put them more in early midstance…..ideally you would love to drop them a bit further into hip extension to see if you can get the internal rotation with hip extension which would represent the approach to toe off.

Q: so what are the internal hip rotators you would check functionally then to find out who is inhibited (& could be related to loss of the range ?)
A: lower TVA, anterior G. Med, TFL, v. lateralis, rectus femoris, lateral hamstrings, coccygeal g. maximus, iliocostalis T/L paraspinals…….to start with. Find me one that is weak and i will show you one that might get them more internal hip rotation.