Podcast 44: New knee ligaments and Ankle Rocker

The newly discovered knee ligament, ankle rocker, hammer toes, yoga, joint flexibility and more ! Download Podcast # 44 today !

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* Today’s show notes:

New ligament discovered in the human knee
3. Brain and Motion
‘Anklebot’ Helps Determine Ankle Stiffness
8. Blog reader:
richies77 asked a questionHi, Incredible source of information. I have severe arthritis in the 2nd toe of my left foot. I have very little dorsiflexion and this has caused my hip flexor to become chronically, extremely tight. This has twisted my entire spine and made me pretty much disabled. I’ve been offered orthotics and perhaps rocker shoes but do you think surgery is the only way to bring back correct balance to my spine? Does anything else actually work? Thank you!
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Yoga and the Brain:
11. another blog reader:
What should I start doing for early cerebellar atrophy symptoms? I’m 6'5 195 and an athlete