Podcast 50: Lactate Thresholds, Fartleks ? & more.

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1. Yes, this is dog: No More Woof aims to translate canine thoughts into human speech
2. Foot Drop solution ?
4. Gait Talk:
4B . Lactate Threshold Talk
5. Footprints of the gait gods.
6. Fascial NeuroBiology: An explanation for possible manual therapy treatment effects «
7. National Shoe Fit Certification Program
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Hi Guys -
I’m based in the UK. I’ve been running again for a year. I upped to 35 miles per week a month ago (from 25/30) and two weeks later I was injured with an inflamed piriformis muscle (it’s not syndrome). The pain is on my left side. I have a weaker gluteus medius on my left side. I did also put a chainsaw through my right inner thigh near the knee (it fell short of the bone and main artery in the leg) when i was 18 (i am now 40) - which may also have something to do with my question, but maybe not.
When I run, my right foot points outward during my right foot’s swing phase (but it lands straight). I can’t find an answer anywhere: is my outward pointing right foot perhaps the cause of the piriformis inflammation, and if so, how do i correct my foot movement during the swing phase? Help!!!
Weirdly, i have been obsessing about it for months but cannot correct it, and because of that I’ve noticed that a number of other people have from the same problem.

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