3 points to use with ankle instability

In this study they stimulated 3 points: ST41, BL60 and GB40. Take a look at their locations (above). ST41 is at the base of the long extensor tendons; gee, we never emphasize long extensor function, do we? GB 40 is at the lateral malleolus between the peroneus longus/brevis and peroneus tertius; how important are these for coronal plane stability, not to mention the ability to descend the 1st ray. BL60 is just anterior to the lateral malleolus, right by the peroneus longus and brevis (again). Could they have included K6, under the medial malleolus and near the long flexors? Sure. How about SP4 or 4, in the substance of the flexor hallucis brevis and anterior to the extensor hallucis longus. Of course. You can probably think of other points to include as well.

Do you think it was by accident that their muscle selection included dorsiflexors (excepting the peroneus longus) and everters? How about a muscle that would help descend the 1st ray and complete the medial tripod? Hmmm... There is always a reason and a rationale....


"CONCLUSION: Electroacupuncture can effectively improve the proprioception of athletes with FAI and achieves a superior efficacy as compared with the conventional physiotherapy."...or in this case, low level e stim to the medial and lateral malleolus.

How about adding these points, no matter how you would like to stimulate them, to your CAI toolkit?


Zhu Y, Qiu ML, Ding Y, Qiang Y, Qin BY. [Effects of electroacupuncture on the proprioception of athletes with functional ankle instability]. Zhongguo Zhen Jiu. 2012 Jun;32(6):503-6.