Do novice runners really have weak hips and poor running form ?

Folks are ramping up mileage here in Chicago-land for the October marathon. Lots of first timers trying to fill the bucket list, and lots of hip and knee stuff coming into the office. This older article reminded us of the paramount need to slowly build up safe durability. So many folks just follow the ledgers, "This week is 16 miles, 2 more than last sunday, this will keep you on track to get to your taper week". We get all that. But this recipe doesn't work for everyone. Some bodies are so weak and out of shape that their recipe is drastically different than the "average joe or jane". Many need their marathon program time frame doubled so they can build their durability. Yes, novice runners often have functionally unstable/weak hips (amongst other things), and some have bad running form, and many have BOTH ! We remind folks that 26 miles is something to endure for most, and that means preparation, probably preparation before the running training started. So it is about educating them for next time, if there is a next time for them ! Don't forget, running is a sagittal game, one is moving forward. The frontal and axial (rotational) stability is often neglected, and here lies the hole in the bucket that leads to unjuries. Even if you are half way there to your marathon date and doing fine, it is never too soon to start frontal and axial plane durability work, just in case the 18 miler is just beyond what you can endure to protect those joints.