Another day at the zoo. What do you see?

Fashion faux paus? Interesting tattoo? A man and a wagon?

OK, did you see this in these 3 pictures above (scroll through them) ?

  • Left calcaneal valgus
  • pelvic dip/rop on right
  • hip cruise (shifting of the pelvis) to left (weak gluteus medius anyone?); look at the 3rd picture; when the leg is supported, all is well
  • possible Left functional short leg with right bent consistently?

What are you thinking?

  • Wow, where can I get a pair of shorts like that?
  • That tattoo over the achilles must have hurt
  • Does my butt make these shorts look too big?
  • Left weak gluteus medius driving left pelvic shift; weakness of posterior fibers of the gluteus medius allowing too much internal spin of the Left leg
  • notice in shot 3 how supporting the Right leg rotates the pelvis counterclockwise and corrects the “pelvic dip”

The Gait Guys….no one is safe from the gait cam. Yes…when you look in the dictionary under the word “geeks” our picture is there.