Podcast 60: Speeding up at the finish line & Efferent Copy

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Today’s Show notes:

1.  Move Your Body, Grow Your Brain

6. Blog reader: Hey again, I personally compete in this uphill/ downhill running race in 2 months. The slops are really steep(incline/ decline).I’m just looking for some useful tips on running biomechanics, cadence etc. Any hints on what things I should be doing and of course avoid doings that will lead to injury? An international podcast fun!

7. Blog reader:

How does subtalar supination/pronation affect plane deviations farther up the chain, specifically at the pelvis? I was going over some notes and found something saying that increased pronation leads to increased frontal plane motion at the pelvis during gait, and increased sup leads to increased transverse plane motion. However, in this video I was watching, the clinician states that increased sup will lead to increased frontal plane motion. Is this not a contradiction? Can both be true? Thanks