Loaded Carry, Addendum idea

Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at 9.51.59 AM.png

Recently, Jan 13th, 2018, we posted 2 photos of the Farmer's carry, in that specific case how to use it to drive more load into the hip stabilizers as opposed to the lateral abdominals. Here is how we progress someone from wide step walking corrections, we add the step up. The next progression is to be sure they do not lose the hip hike as they try to return the foot to the ground, which you do not see here. Note the kettlebell in the LEFT hand. They will have to do that (return the RIGHTfoot to the ground) through a knee bent knee mini-squat-lunge, to keep the gmedius on. Or, they can just do a controlled eccentric, but that is even more attention. Most people just let the RIGHT glutes go entirely to get the LEFT swing leg back to the ground, no bueno ! This is not normal gait, but it is what most people do because they do not have command of the glutes in the 3 phasese: early, mid and late stance. In fact, most people fail through all 3 phases, but certainly the Early and Late phases are the toughest, with the Late phase being the most challenging. The glutes should remain active through the next foot contact phase.