Video Gait Case: Hip pathology

Video case:
another gait case from downtown Chicago. Pathology is all around us, if we are looking for it. Hopefully you are as tortured as we are.

-torso lean over the likely painful right hip (this is a compensated Trendeleburg, as opposed to an uncompensated, know the difference !)
- which side would a cane be best used on ? right or left ? (answer" left)
- she is carrying her purse on the wrong shoulder, it should be in her right hand, reducing compressive demand on the gmedius. The more the gmedius has to contract, the more compression it creates across the joint line, and if the hip is OA, it will create more pain). A cane and load in the right hand will passively manage the loads rather than actively doing it through the gmedius contraction and compression.
- heavy plunking down on the left leg. (careful not too much quad tone is developing, it can create some PF joint compression and aberrant loads and render left knee pain, that is the last thing she needs).
When you are walking about the world, play the game.
See it, and quickly gather the info, and sharpen your clinical reason skills. Get these concepts down, so you do not have to think through them in the clinic, instead, you just goto work fixing them.
If you tried to ease her burden with a sole lift (dont be a fool and use a heel lift), which side would it help her most on ? Answer: left.