Plantar Plate Gait

This girl has a (healing) plantar plate lesion on the left hand side at the head of the second met. She also has an anatomical short leg on the same side. Her second metatarsal of both feet or longer than the first

A few things I hope you notice about the video:

  • Can you see how she “reaches“ to get to the ground with her left foot?

  • Can you see how her left foot is more inverted that strikes in the right, creating a greater amount of forefoot pronation that needs to be controlled?

  • Can you see how poor her motion control is of her pronation on the left foot with the sudden “crash” at impact?

  • Have you noticed her “crossover“ gait?

Does it make sense that because of her anatomy and running style, that the constant reach, increased forefoot inversion and lack of pronation control (which causes more abduction of the forefoot at toe off); this drives the force to the second metatarsal head which is longer and more prominent and is more than likely what led to her plantar plate lesion in the first place?


  • A 3 mm full length sole lift for the left foot

  • Foot intrinsic strengthening exercises

  • Hip abduction strengthening exercises/drills

  • Moving her more to a “midfoot strike” running gait with toes extended to engage the windlass

Dr Ivo Waerlop, one of The Gait Guys

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