* Experts are individuals who have completed the IFGEC course and successfully completed the examination process.  These individuals are highly trained in the process of shoe fit and in understanding foot and gait biomechanics and client assessment.

Here are just a few of our happy and successful Experts. If you have completed the examination and wish to be added to the accolade list below, just send us your story. Obviously we cannot include everyone who has taken the course and passed the test, but we will give you a consideration, just send us an email !


“With more than 2 decades in the fitness industry, and a MS in Exercise Physiology, I’ve learned that there is so little that I really know.  I am constantly looking to improve what I can do to help the triathletes and runners that I see.   As an endurance coach and clinician that focuses on preventing injuries, optimizing performance, and avoiding reoccurring injuries, the IFGEC Shoe Fit Certification is going to be a keystone (much like the Navicular Bone) to my screening process of athletes and clients.  Making sure they are fitted properly in shoes, working with their movement patterns, teaching them running form skills, and then building on all aspects from there.  What I have learned from “The Gait Guys” has already made an impact on what I do, but it’s at a whole new level now.  This is not just a “online course”  this is real education that stays with you for life.  This is a true Ground Up approach to helping and is something that every running shoe store, coach, and medical professional that deals with runners and triathletes needs to learn.”

Ryan Smith, MS is owner of the Personal Impact, LLC and The Runners’ Clinic in the Cincinnati, Ohio area.  He is a USATF Level 1 Coach, Newton Natural Running Form Coach, & ACSM-CPT that works with runners and triathletes helping to prevent and recover from injuries that athletes deal with.  More information on Ryan Smith, visit his site at.  http://ryansmithfitness.com

Want to get certified or learn more? Email us at thegaitguy@gmail.com

Another IFGEC Certification Granted!

“My name is ERIC JOHNSON.  I’m a runner and triathlete, and manage a running store called Ultramax Sports in Springfield, MO.  I am a self-confessed exercise physiology nerd but don’t have an advanced degree in exercise science.  As a result, I’m always reading and trying to learn more.  My fascination with running, shoes, and injuries also stems from an extended bout of lower leg problems stemming from attempting to run through an injury in the early 2000’s.  I came across the Gait Guys’ tumblr blog one day and was instantly fascinated by the detailed descriptions of human gait abnormalities they wrote about but also how easy it was to apply to myself and my customers.

At our store, we pride ourselves on doing very thorough fittings, including detailed athlete history, foot and leg observations, video gait analysis, and trying on lots of shoes with close customer care.  We’ve been doing this fitting process since we opened in the late 2000’s and have built a very solid following based upon customer care and attention to detail.  We try to avoid the fads and base our process on scientifically valid methods.  Through my explorations over the past couple of years, it became apparent that some of the things we were doing were right and some were wrong. 

I had the opportunity to watch Shawn and Ivo speak at the 2011 IRRA conference and was very excited when they announced the upcoming release of a shoe fitting certification.  It took a bit longer than expected, but it was well worth it.  The three Level I videos were very clear and easy to understand, and it was an easy shift to apply the concepts to our fitting process.  I took and passed the Level I exam today in fact, and am working on the first wave of changes our store will be implementing on our shoe fitting process.  My understanding of the anatomy and physiology of human gait is incredibly better now.  In fact, I was able to apply concepts from the videos to a customer the other day whom I would not have served as completely without that knowledge.  She had been fit at our store in the past, but commented that our level of knowledge really seemed to grow in the interim.  She loved learning about why her feet her and why certain shoes felt better.  She was also very grateful to learn exercises to help her particular condition.

This certification has the potential to greatly impact the running industry in a very positive way.  I wholeheartedly recommend all of you run specialty managers/owners/staff who want to provide a more complete and accurate experience for your customers to pursue this certification.  Customers will be more impressed with your level of knowledge and your returns will reduce.”

Gait Guys. Certified! Get the edge!


More to say about the National Shoe Fit Certification Program…

“I found the course to be the perfect blend between science and retail practices, making it an essential tool for any specialty running store. Immediately after finishing the video I was able to recognize specific issues in my customer’s feet and their reaction to my knowledge couldn’t have been more positive. As a result of becoming certified I will have happier and healthier customers and will know when to refer particular foot and gait issues to my partner doctors and physical therapists. The video will be a resource long after becoming certified.”

Ben Nelson is the manager of Goldstream Running, the farthest north run specialty shop in North America (and maybe the world!), located in the Goldstream Valley outside of Fairbanks, Alaska. He also coaches high school cross country and track and field.


Certification. See what your peers are saying….

“The shoe fit certification program is a must for anyone who wants to take their knowledge base of shoes, foot types and how they interact to the next level. The program is detailed, thorough, and the test will make sure you know this cutting edge material. 

If you are a doctor or therapist that treats foot or other lower extremities disorders, this information will help ensure the patients you treat are in the right shoe to assist them in their healing process and help prevent future problems.  If you are a shoe retailer, it will give you the confidence you are putting the right shoes on your customer’s feet to minimize complaints and unwanted returns.  The retail practice of simply looking at a customer’s feet while standing, asking them their shoe size, and pulling a shoe off the shelf has gone by the wayside in light of this new information.

If your profession involves shoes or feet, the information contained in this program is priceless!”

Ryan D. Hamm, D.C.       Corrective Chiropractic Center    www.correctivechiropracticcenter.com

612 E. Golf Road    Arlington Heights, IL 60005   Phone: 847. 718. 0071



Here is what Diana has to say:

“The Gait Guys have really helped me learn more about foot anatomy and biomechanics and how they relate to fitting customers properly for shoes.  I had followed their blog posts in the past but it was the course that helped solidify those concepts and put them into practice.”

Check her out at:  www.fitgeeksports.com      (408) 418-5888

The Gait Guys. Bringing the world of gait geeks together, one shop at a time.

Another IFGEC Certified! Eric is our 1st non retail individual to pass the exam!

Some comments on the course an exam from Eric:

” I was impressed by the depth of the material and your abilities to keep a highly complex subject like foot/ankle mechanics and shoe fit to only 3 hours. I have been to a full weekend course on the foot/ankle and didn’t leave with as much practical knowledge!  As for the exam, I noticed that some questions had a couple of layers to them that really ensured that the material presented needed to be understood by the participant.  I haven’t taken a test before where I received immediate feedback on whether I was right or wrong.  At times, I got a little too excited at knowing I was wrong, but for the most part that may help people take extra time to think their answers through. 

As for studying, everyone is different.  I watched the video three times, took detailed notes and studied them.  Also, I’ve been an avid follower of the blog, facebook page and now podcast since I saw Dr. Allen present for the NSCA earlier this year at Chicago State University.

I am the manager for an outpatient orthopedic facility in Flossmoor, IL (southern suburb of Chicago).  The overwhelming majority of referrals are worker comp physical therapy and work conditioning patients.  I primarily took the course to answer my and my patient’s questions on proper shoe choice and since I’m not a runner, I really didn’t put much thought into shoes beyond “whatever feels comfortable.”  I have much more confidence on what recommendations need to be made following this course.”

Another Nationally Certified Individual! Congratulations to MARIANNE FITZGERALD, LMT.   Marianne is the coordinator of ” all things shoes and sox” @ Summit ChiropracticRehabilitation, PC in Dillon, Colorado ( Dr Ivo’s office).

“The course was super informative and well structured.  It was great to be able to watch the videos online at my own pace and on my schedule.  I learn by repetition so I was able to watch each one a couple of times. .  The exam was challenging but no trick questions.  I wish I had taken better notes because I know that all the information on the test was in the video.  Now when I’m working with someone to try on shoes and hopefully buy them, I feel more confident and actually sound like I know what I’m talking about.”


“In my experience, the Foot Wear Certification Series, is what is most needed by anyone in the position of helping an individual receive a more satisfying shoe fit experience.  Whether that is a simpler issue of finding the best athletic shoe to enhance their individual health goals, or to assess ones foot anatomy and the problem areas that can be hindering an individuals comfort and ability to function, the videos are informative and deeply educational.  The combined experience and knowledge of Drs. Ivo and Shawn Allen is so extensive, that it is the tool I would recommend for those of us in the industry.”

Our 1st IFGEC (International Foot & Gait Education Council) Certified Sales Associate. Congratulations to Julie Meyers; the nations 1st to be certified. Julie works for Dr Waerlop at Summit Chiropractic & Rehabilitation, PC in Dillon, Colorado. She is especially fond of Lemming shoes!

When asked about the exam, she said “Wow, it was really hard!”

Want to get certified? Stay tuned as the program is ramping up!