Abnormal Forefoot loading creates fatigue ?

How is your medial-lateral foot and ankle stability ? In many injured folks it is an issue and needs to be investigated. Remember, skill, endurance, strength IN THAT ORDER ! Today, Fatigue is the topic du jour !
If you are in a heeled shoe of any degree (greater heels suggests greater risk) , and this likely pertains to increased heel dropped running shoes we would propose, fatigue of the frontal plane is risky business. 
“EMG measurements from habitual high-heeled shoe wearers demonstrated an imbalance of gastrocnemius lateralis versus gastrocnemius medialis activity in fatigue conditions, which correlated with abnormal lateral shifts in the foot-ground or shoe-ground COP of these women.”
Some of this is from the natural foot architecture, a blog post on this very topic is in order we think !
“The results demonstrated accelerated fatigue of the peroneus longus muscle in marching conditions … . EMG analysis further revealed substantial fatigue of the pre-tibial and triceps surae muscles during intensive marching”
Don’t forget to assess fatigue gait brethren ! Motor patterns, skill, strength are all great, but what about fatigue ?! Test for it and you will find it ! 
And, think about this if you are a forefoot strike runner, for obvious reasons, the heels is similarly in a raised posture.

Dr. Shawn Allen

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