ACL rehab considerations you might not know about.

ACL rehab consideration.
Once referred to as "the dark side of the knee" due to the limited understanding of the anatomy and biomechanics, the posterolateral corner (PLC) of the knee still remains off the radar for many clinicians.
Whether surgical repair or not, is your patient not progressing? Did you check for damage to the PLC of the knee?

Injuries to the (PLC) comprise a significant portion of knee ligament injuries. Complete PLC lesions rarely heal with non-operative treatment, and are therefore most often treated surgically. Posterolateral corner injuries are commonly associated with ACL or PCL tears, with only 28% of all PLC injuries occurring in isolation, this means there are likely many of these injuries lurking in your injured knees. Posterolateral rotational instability (PLRI) is a real thing, and it is missed often enough.
This was a nice review article, outlining the primary and secondary restraint anatomy and some guidelines to consider.
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Posterolateral Corner of the Knee: Current Concepts
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