Improve Your Running Form With A DIY Analysis -

You’re either part of the solution or part of the problem. Read and you decide if this kind of advice is actually helping people. We know what we think.

After all, everyone should fit the same mold right?
And, altering what you are doing fixes the problem right?
It must finally be time for Ivo and I to retire. Someone just build the DIY App for 2.99 and make all the running problems in the world go away. After all, truly “FIXING foot strike is relatively simple”. Clearly Ivo and I just enjoy making things terribly complex because we have nothing better to do.
To be fair to this author, There is a reason why we stopped writing for venues, because everything got so cooked down by the editorial staff until our stuff said nothing , or worse yet, simplified things so much that a monkey could do it, that we said, “ thanks, but we will take a pass on the next one”.
Oy vey. Feeling saucy tonight.
Reader beware.