Yet another IFGEC certified individual, and our 1st in Asia! Congrats, Andy! Here’s what he has to say:

My name is Andy Neo aka Dee. I work as the regional senior tech rep for a distributor shoe company managing Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand & Indonesia. Additionally I graduated with a Bachelor degree in Sports & Outdoor from Monash University and an avid distance runner.   

I’m a keen learner about exercise physiology & human movement but there is no course for shoe fitting since I started working in the footwear industry few years back. A lot of knowledge was self learnt through trial & error because there are no industrial standards across the running shoes market. Fortunately I happened to tumble The Gait Guy’s blog & Facebook and was a keen follower of their regular posts. I was overjoyed when Dr Ivo & Dr Shawn in 2012 announced the opportunity to participate the National Shoe Fit Certification Examination online especially for me coming from another continent. The extensive 3hr lecture did helps to bridge the gap between health science, sports science & footwear education (seriously lacking in modern shoe industry). The lecture video was downloaded and studied at my own pace was really beneficial for working adults like myself. My advice to future IFGEC candidates is to have a good read up of human anatomy, shoe anatomy and human biomechanics for better understanding because the extensive 3hours lecture use technical terminology that can be jargon but definitely worthy information.

The quality of  examination questions required critical thinking & hence raise the standard of the certificate. Passing the IFGEC examination would elevate my profession so now I can better impart the knowledge to my retail staffs across 4 countries for a holistic shoe-fit service.

I recommend representative from performance footwear company & medical healthcare professions to spend quality time to sign up for this level 1 course because the contents will narrow the gap between health science & shoe industry.”


For more information on IFGEC certification, please email us at thegaitguys@gmail.com