Podcast 131: Managing your injuries and body mechanics

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Show Notes:

Researchers turn skin cells into motor neurons without using stem cells

Immune cells release “red flag” to activate muscle stem cells in response to damage

Does structural leg-length discrepancy affect postural control? Preliminary study.
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Does the weakening of intrinsic foot muscles cause the decrease of medial longitudinal arch height?
Kazunori Okamura, RPT, MS,1,* Shusaku Kanai, RPT, PhD,2 Sadaaki Oki, MD, PhD,2 Satoshi Tanaka, RPT, PhD,2 Naohisa Hirata, RPT, MS,3 Yoshiaki Sakamura, RPT, MS,4 Norikatsu Idemoto, RPT,1 Hiroki Wada, RPT,1 and Akira Otsuka, RPT, PhD5