Podcast 64: Baby Walker Risks, Achilles Asymmetry & Too Much Exercise

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Today’s Show notes:

1. The post-Oculus boom: Survios raises $4M for free-moving virtual reality


2. This treadmill lets you walk in any direction


3. Dangers of baby walkers in the home:

NYTimes:  there are 3 days of neuromotor developmental delay for every day of their use.  Promote upright motor patterns and gait patterns before those neurologic windows are actually open and ready……..this goes back to expression of BDNF 
4.The Influence of Hip Strength on Lower Limb, Pelvis, and Trunk Kinematics and Coordination Patterns During Walking and Hopping in Healthy Women : Journal of Orthopaedic & Sports Physical Therapy
5. Individuals with chronic ankle instability exhibit decreased postural sway while kicking in a single-leg stance
6. Asymmetry of Achilles tendon mechanical and morphological properties between both legs