To met pad or not to met pad; that is the question. 

We use these in practice all the time. Think of it as a “helper” while you are training your patient or client to have better foot mechanics. 

“It’s all about the stress transfer, so what you’re trying to do is unload a certain spot on the foot—generally the met head with a met pad—and transfer it to a more proximal region,” 

Here is a nice evidence based review:
Social media reader comments and questions:
Reader: You demonstrated a peroneal exercise a few days back. In addition to the use of MT pads, is it effective in supporting transverse metatarsal arch?
  • The Gait Guys It can be. In our opinion, the exercises are key and the pad supports the exercises
  • The Gait Guys the goal is to restore foot function so that you do not need the pad. If your client is patient and willing to work on the exercises you likely won’t need a met pad, they may help speed things up, but remember, it is a crutch and crutches can be helpful but one can get lazy in using them and not do the supportive work. We only try to use them sparingly and only when necessary.