comments from a follower of the gait guys.

From a reader …..

“From what I’ve gathered from your posts/videos, I have some major issues with my foot function… ie weak Tib Anterior and Extensors.  You have one video up where you demonstrate that a competent foot should be able to keep a solid arch and lower your big toe without losing arch integrity.  I come no where close to this.  In fact, I think it’s pretty amazing at what the foot is supposed to do which is demonstrated by you.  When looking at what Dr. Allen’s foot does and looks like compared to most everyone else’s his seems much more muscular and solid unlike the case studies you put up.  I almost liken most peoples feet to looking like a skeleton with very little muscle mass and function.”

Dr. Allen’s response…….

It has taken me quite a bit of time to get my foot to function this well.  I am lucky in that i know what it is supposed to do and what exercises to implement to get it there.  We have some exercises that we do which we are compiling and will eventually put in DVD format.  We are completing our 3 part shoe fit and foot function DVD for the December Austin Texas IRRA program launch and the completed package should be available end of  January 2012.  Yes, finally they will be done ! There is another reason my foot functions as well as it does……. and we will be sharing some thoughts on this in several weeks once we can compile the information. Hint, awareness and encouraging skill is a big key.  It all starts with Skill……. then build Endurance, and then Strength.  S. E. S. as we say.