Part 2 of the EHB: Bringing the Extensor Hallucis Brevis of the Foot Back to Life.

Today we show you a proprietary exercise we developed here at The Gait Guys. It was developed out of necessity for those clients who are too EHL dominant (long big toe extensor muscle) and big toe short flexor dominant (FHB). These two muscles are what we call a foot functional pair.  Big toes like these will be dysfunctional and will not be able to gain sufficient purchase on the ground to produce stability and power without impacting the joint (1st metatarsophalangeal joint).  Imbalances like these lead to altered joint loading responses and can be a possible predictor for premature damage to the joint over time. These imbalances are also what lead to injuries to the big toe, the arch and other areas of the foot. After all, when the big is weak or dysfunctional gait will be compensated.  When imbalance at this joint occurs because of EHB weakness the medial tripod anchor (the head of the 1st metatarsal) is compromised possibly transmitting stress into the foot, arch and medial stabilizers such as the tibialis posterior for example.

This exercise is to be weaned back to less and less yellow band resistance until the EHB can be engaged on its own. Then the gait retraining must begin. Simply reactivating and strengthening the skill and muscle is not enough. The pattern must be then taken to the floor and learned how to be used in the gait cycle.

Do we need to mention the critical function this muscle plays in extension of the 1st MPJ, of its importance in hallux rigidus/limitus, in bunions, hallux valgus, toe off function, arch height and function ? We hope not.

It is a process restoring gait. All too often the “Devil is in the Details”.
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