Toe grip strength and hallux valgus

#craigpayne over at Podiatry Arena said, "chicken or the egg", which came first ?
Weak Toe Grip Strength (TGS) correlates with hallux valgus . . . 
Do not yet take this study as "do more toe grip strength work", that is NOT what it is saying !!!!!!

We have taken note in our clinics that it "appears" that more long hallux flexor use often "seems" to accentuate a hallux valgus (HV). We continue to study this observation, but not hanging our hat on any conclusions as of yet. But, when someone with HV grips with the long toe flexor hammering down the distal toe, the valgus appears to accentuate. We shall see, its an observation. None the less, we try to get these folks into a pressing, then add the long flexor, and this seems to give adequate purchase on the ground without as much valgus posturing. Keep looking into more active toe extension, separation and hallux abduction as a means to an end. This will likely be a discussion on podcast 113, coming soon. Have you listened to podcasts 108 or 109 yet ? 109 launched Saturday. Keep up !

Weak TGS Correlates with Hallux Valgus in 10 12 Year Old Girls: A Cross- Sectional Study