National Shoe Fit Certification Course

A quote made by a loyal follower on social media:

“someone asked for the best certification/certificate programs out there, and I posted this with a link to your YouTube promo video, even though I haven’t even went through it, yet. Hopefully this drives a handful of coaches your way. There are over 6k coaches in the group. “National Shoe Fit Program. The most unknown program out there. 2 overwhelmingly smart biomechanical clinicians put together a program to teach people how to integrate foot and shoe anatomy, then apply that to the various foot types to get people standing, walking, running and moving as correctly as they can on a basic level. Good luck trying to correct most of the squatting, deadlifting and Olympic lifting compensations without addressing how the foot interacts with the ground. Good luck trying to improve fitness without addressing gait. Good luck addressing gait without addressing foot types and shoes.”

thanks Michael !  

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